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Application of insecticides is one way to control cabbage aphid in canola (Amer et al.
Pearson rank correlation showed that aphids were negatively correlated with parasitoidism in crop edge (r = - 0.
33 reared on fresh aphid followed by frozen and dried aphids 1.
persicae were started with aphids collected from fresh leaves derived from a stock culture maintained at laboratory conditions; at 23[degrees]C, photoperiod 11/13 hrs and 60% relative humidity.
All aphids of four species that were used during experiment were of same instars.
Aphids infest at all stages of crops growth when conditions are suitable and play a prominent role in reducing the crop yield.
In aphids alone, there have been a series of studies involving the application of multivariate techniques to the study of morphological variation (Blackman and Spence, 1994; Kawada, 1997; Remaudiere, 1997; Blackman, 2000; Perju, 2004; Fericean et al.
Medicinal and aromatic plants, like crop plants, are also afflicted by arthropod pests including aphids (Gupta, 1991; Abdel-Moniem and Abd El-Wahab, 2006; Bhagat, 2012).
But insecticides should be avoided as they often kill beneficial insects - including those which eat aphids.
But insecticides should really be avoided as they will often kill other beneficial insects, including those which eat aphids.
Poached egg plant (Limnanthes) and marigolds can help combat the pests Blackfly and woolly aphids, can destroy the plants in your garden
Birds will also eat aphids, so it makes absolute sense to do what you can to extend a big welcome to our feathered friends