Apgar score

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an assessment of the physical condition of a newborn infant

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However, preterm birth, small for gestational age, and neonatal Apgar scores below 7 are quite common in pregnancies involving severe aortic stenosis, as defined by a prepregnancy transaortic peak gradient of 64 mm Hg or more, according to Dr.
Hospital records of newborn infants who met the inclusion criteria were retrieved and the following data were collected: birth weight, gender, gestational age, growth, Apgar score, resuscitation required, time to spontaneous respiration, arterial blood gas done within the first hour of birth, and the diagnosis of HIE.
However, the report points out that most babies with low Apgar scores will not develop cerebral palsy.
The study found no increased risk of congenital malformations, stillbirth/neonatal death, preterm delivery, low birth weight, small for gestational age, low Apgar score and neonatal infections.
A doctor evaluates a newborn on five criteria to arrive at the Apgar score, a fast way to gauge the baby's well-being.
When considering the birth conditions based on Apgar score (22), the babies studied here were similar to those described in other investigations.
0 percent), but no significant differences in APGAR score or the incidence of low birthweight between the two groups.
The use of propranolol in labor seems to be safe, as shown by very similar 5-minute Apgar scores in the two groups, as well as the fact that no caesarean section was done for fetal distress.
There were significant differences in the proportion of infants who: had an Apgar score of less than 7; were outborn; were born to teenage mothers; were born to mothers who had multiple births.
In the non-survivor neonates with CHD; gestational age, birth weight, birth length, head circumference, APGAR score min 1 and 5 were statistically lower than survivors.
Most of those children had a normal Apgar score of 9 or 10 at the five-minute test.
They found a link between an Apgar score of below seven and lower intelligence in later life.
Tristan had an Apgar score of 6 at one minute and a score of 8 at Five minutes.
The purpose of the present study was to compare the effect of physiological pushing during second stage of labor on the duration of the second stage, mode of birth and Apgar score.