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an assessment of the physical condition of a newborn infant

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75%) was less frequent while poor Apgar score in one minute was more frequent when compared with score in five minutes.
Conclusion: Low APGAR score is an important cause of admission to NICU.
The Apgar score at minute 1did not differ between the 2groups of normal and abnormal ATs, but the Apgar score at minute 5 in the abnormal AT group was significantly less than that in the other group.
The study also showed that the risk of LBW baby and low Apgar score at 5 min were 1.
Low Apgar Score High risk group YES NO REACTIVE 1 40 NON REACTIVE 6 3 P value: 0.
Factors associated with pneumothorax are male sex, lower birth weight, prematurity, low Apgar score, and previous lung disease in the immediate perinatal period.
Maternal and gestational ages, gender, route of delivery, indications for cesarean section, birth weight, head circumference, height, placental weight, Apgar scores at 1st and 5th minutes after birth and length of umbilical cord were noted.
The 319 members of the class of 2016 include Rebekah Adams, Brady Akins, Christopher Alben, Brittany Allard, Jessica Anderson, Sophie Apgar, Emily Armstrong, Colton Ashley, Ryan Ayala, Ryann Baimbridge, Rachel Bang, Thramer Barber, Alyssa Barclay, Paige Baremore, Reilly Baskett, Tanner Bass, Autumn Baumgartner, Kaycie Bellman, Jaylee Bennett, Taylor Bess, Alexis Blystone, Robert Bodine, Alecxius Bolden, Lillian Bolden, Emily Bolivar, James Bollig, Meghan Born, Levi Bothman, Ryan Brady, Taylor Bratton, Alexander Braziel, Cheyanne Broten, Deavin Brownson, Ayla Bussel,
9 million grandparents across America, Apgar and her husband, Bob Apgar, have become the main caretakers for their grandchild.
Regarding APGAR score, 34(68%) had greater than 7, 8 (16%) less than 7 and 8 (16%) 0 score.
500g; hiperbilirrubinemia (niveis sericos indicativos de exsanguineotransfusao); medicacao ototoxica por mais de cinco dias (aminoglicosideos ou outros, associados ou nao aos diureticos de alca); meningite bacteriana; boletim Apgar de 0 a 4 no 1 minuto ou 0 a 6 no 5 minuto; ventilacao mecanica por periodo minimo de cinco dias; sinais ou sindromes associadas a deficiencia auditiva condutiva ou sensorioneural [1,9,17,21,22].
A retrospective study at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital [10] reveals an incidence of asphyxia of 15/1 000 or 10/1 000 live births respectively, depending on need for assistance with breathing or Apgar score <7 at 5 minutes.
Bidvest, the no 1 foodservice wholesaler in Belgium has chosen Orchestra Networks EBX5 software to handle a wide range of master data, specifically products and Apgar Consulting as System Integrator.
Although previous studies reported newborn chest wall muscle rigidity for short periods12, as well as neonatal depression (13,14) following remifentanil administration, other studies suggest that low Apgar and neonatal depression may be dose-dependent and the use of a low dose of remifentanil may be safe for newborns (15,16).