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a mountain range extending the length of the Italian peninsula

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During the War, Ed took part in the battles of Roma, Arno, and North Apennines earning the Purple Heart for wounds suffered in battle.
Which enclave republic in the Italian Apennines was reputedly founded in the fourth century?
In Europe, now on the agenda continues to be the story of the parliamentary elections, and after the results, it became clear that a consensus to both motherboards Italian parliament oh how far, the threat of the country sliding into debt significantly increased in light of the current political situation in the Apennines .
Deformation, fluid flow, and mass transfer in the forearc of convergent margins; field guides to the northern Apennines in Emilia and in the Apuan Alps (Italy).
The Adriatic plate, which includes Venice, subducts beneath the Apennines Mountains and causes the city and its environs to drop slightly in elevation," he said.
Rounding out the sale is a Hudson River School painting by Robert Scott Duncanson entitled The Apennines, Italy ($30/50,000).
They then traveled underground to Italy's Gran Sasso National Laboratory beneath the Apennines Mountains.
Gavi is the name of a little town on the Apennines mountains, located in Piedmont near Liguria, where the famous white and dry wine has taken its name.
Geology and tectonic evolution of the central-southern Apennines, Italy.
Puglia, also known as Apulia, is located between the Adriatic Sea, the Apennines, and the Gulf of Taranto.
It's never easy to feel like a young Italian gadabout motorbiking through the foothills of the Apennines with a brunette and the wind at your back--at least, not in Little Rock.
TRUFFLES IN APENNINES Taste of Inntravel (01653 617 912) offers four nights' B&B from Oct 5 to catch annual Truffle Festival in Lizzano for pounds 315, incl three dinners, return rail from Bologna, walking maps, notes and luggage transfers between hotels.
The fifty hikes featured cover Tuscan Hill Country, the mountains of the Alpi Apuane, the Cinque Terre and Ligurian Coast, the Northern and Central Apennines, and much more.
One-tenth the size of New York City and the world's fifth-smallest state, San Marino is situated in the Apennines, a little inland from the Adriatic Sea near Rimini.
The Elburz Mountains are to Iran as the Apennines are to what?