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a common complex mineral consisting of calcium fluoride phosphate or calcium chloride phosphate

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Crystal-chemical controls on rare-earth element concentrations in fossil biogenic apatites and implications for paleoenvironmental reconstructions.
In vitro analysis shows that the samples have been covered by apatite cell since 1 day, and increased the density of apatite by immersion time.
It indicates that the deposition rate of apatite has attained equilibrium.
Natural apatites usually contain various anionic and cationic substituents as well as accompanying minerals, which affect their chemical properties.
Calculations of apatite unit-cell a and c dimensions were derived from XRD patterns using an iterative least-squares computer software (Novak and Colville 1989).
1999) and has been reported to reflect equilibrium fractionation between the biogenic apatite and the slightly anoxic or suboxic bottom seawater of that time (see Patrick et al.
Various analytical procedures were adopted for characterization of synthesized apatites.
Apatites are a structural type for compounds of the general formula [M.
Papers from the symposium are collected here in 21 sections on topics including alumina/zirconia ceramics, apatites, bioglasses and glass-ceramics, biomimetics, bone substitutes, calcium phosphate ceramics, cell materials interactions, and dements.
Thus our aim was to address these effects on phase properties of Zn-doped apatites derived from waste egg shell material.
Biomimetic nanocrystalline apatites are used as bone substitute materials in orthopedic and dental surgery.
In one of the Japanese studies, scientists from the Biomaterials Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering at Okayama University in Japan examined the blood compatibility and protein adsorption of hydroxyapatite and hydroxyl-carbonate apatites.