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a common complex mineral consisting of calcium fluoride phosphate or calcium chloride phosphate

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In the present work, ceramic samples of silicate apatites [M.
More significant changes in terms of drift to higher chemical shift values were observed for the enamel samples than for HAP is related to the presence of specific surface layer in enamel which is slightly different from the stoichiometric apatite and is rich with other minor additives from ionic substitutions.
It is possible that the inclusion assemblage shown by these Mozambique apatites is unique to their specific locality, but more research would be needed to confirm this.
All studied apatites from the Hunza Karakoram provided a large number of confined tracks (above 100 tracks) necessary for track-length measurement and consequently for time-temperature modelling (Figs.
It can be seen that the samples have been covered by apatite cell since first day Fig.
SBF study is a primary and an essential test to establish the biocompatibility of the developed material, where the formation of apatite on the nanocomposites is to be confirmed.
These remarkable specimens rank the Sapo mine as one of the finest and most interesting occurrences of apatite ever found, as judged by the generous numbers of specimens (from a single pocket), the high quality of the crystals, and the uniqueness of the long snake-like crystal clusters.
Because HA is the prototype of biological apatites, which are in nano crystalline forms, extensive efforts have been made to produce synthetic nano HA materials.
Insoluble phosphates such as apatites are considered to be promising materials for immobilization of heavy metals in contaminated waters and soils in order to reduce their solubility and ecological bioavailability [1-6].
In British soils, the apatites tend to be concentrated in the fine sand and silt and sorbed P and organic P in the clay fraction.
Thus, FRE increases with amount of carbonate substitution in apatite, with the most highly carbonate substituted apatites (i.
Crystalchemical controls on rare-earth element concentrations in fossil biogenic apatites and implications for paleoenvironmental reconstructions.