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a common complex mineral consisting of calcium fluoride phosphate or calcium chloride phosphate

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The relationship between the two companies then extended to Orica s construction of an emulsion explosives plant at Apatit s Vostochniy site and associated blasting works.
Orica will work with Apatit in the construction of an ammonium nitrate emulsion plant Apatit's mine site at Kirovsk.
of cases Akudiet 8 Amongura 4 Amaase 10 Amoni 4 Amukura 5 Apatit 42 Bukhwamba 14 Ikapolok 5 Katelenyang 9 Kodedema 5 Kokoki 9 Obekai 4 Obuchun 11
Purchase volumes fell due to the transition of Apatit from an energy supplier to an energy purchaser, which was the result of optimisation and outsourcing of these functions.
Apatit Techenicacal (Technical) Director Zvonar Andrey Yurievich said: "The main priorities in production policy of Apatit OJSC are ensuring stable production of apatite ore, optimised production costs and guaranteed security, especially in blasting works.
AUA bobrek tasi kilavuzunda (American Urological Assosiation Guideline On Management of Staghorn Calculi) struvit/kalsiyum karbonat apatit taslari varliginda tedavinin amacinin taslarin tamamen temizlenmesi oldugu belirtilmistir.
Start of buyout offer for common and preferred shares of Apatit at R6680 and R5504, respectively.
PhosAgro's primary assets include Apatit, PhosAgro-Cherepovets (established as a result of the merger of Ammophos and Cherepovetsky Azot), Balakovo branch of OJSC Apatit, Metachem, PhosAgro-Trans, PhosAgro-Region and NIUIF.
839 billion rubles (about $165 million) via selling of exploration licences and 4,260 billion rubles ($145 million) after selling a share in the subsidiary that was holding shares of Apatit OAO.
The proceeds from additional share issuance will be used for consolidation of Apatit and Phosagro-Cherepovets as well as general corporate purposes.
2 was attended by Governor of the Murmansk region Marina Kovtun, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of PhosAgro and Vice-President of the Russian Union of Chemists Andrey Guryev, CEO of PhosAgro-Cherepovets Mikhail Rybnikov, CEO of Apatit Vladimir Davydenko, as well as management and employees of the Kirov mine and PhosAgro Group employees from Cherepovets, Balakovo and Volkhov chemical plants.
The price for Apatit squeeze out should be close to that of mandatory offer.
Recently, the Company completed construction of one of its largest industrial projects, the Main Shaft No 2 complex at the Kirovsky Mine at Apatit.
Miss Chernysheva faces a further charge relating to a transaction involving a company named Apatit, in 1994.
Phosagro BoD decided to buy out the remaining shares of Apatit.