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a building that is divided into apartments

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The council also manages the nearby Meadow Court apartment block, off Meadow Street, and Lydgate Court, in Edward Street, where firefighters were called once to rescue a person trapped inside a lift last year.
The apartment block, in Beirut s eastern Ashrafiyeh district, came crashing down without warning on Sunday evening.
The committee has asked for discussions with the universities to look at demand and planning of apartment blocks.
Work on the 17-storey block apartment block in Cardiff Bay, has halted with just six floors completed.
A resident of the apartment block was slightly injured.
Some residents in the apartment block said Ms Crowe fell onto the metal spiked railings below.
A 42-year-old man was being questioned about the death and a ground floor flat in the apartment block, believed to be his, was put under detailed examination by police and forensic experts.
A luxury apartment block dubbed a blot on the landscape of a traditional seaside town has won a top design award.
Just finished is an apartment block with boldly modelled balconies on the Istrian coast (AR April 2005).
Councillors have approved plans for an eight-storey office block on the north side of Gallowgate and an eight-storey apartment block on Bath Lane.
Most of the properties would be two-storey but there would be one three-storey apartment block.
Arnold Breslin, of Stone Developments, which is just finishing a new apartment block on the site, said: "We have fully co-operated with Birmingham City Council and at our own cost have planted a mature tree to replace the original.
WESTLIFE star Shane Filan's masterplan to build a huge apartment block in his hometown has come tumbling down.
Families living in a five-star city apartment block are still waiting to return to their homes after they were evacuated when the building was flooded.
Yet it never quite loses its quality of otherness, as demonstrated by its use in this recent Brussels apartment block.
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