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Synonyms for coarctation

tight or narrow compression

(biology) a narrowing or constriction of a vessel or canal

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The patient was subsequently diagnosed with aortic coarctation and was deemed unfit for surgical intervention.
The majority of information available regarding aortic coarctation is related either to its congenital form or the long-term residual sequelae after its repair.
However, similar murmurs may also be heard with ASD, mild semilunar valve stenosis, subaortic obstruction, aortic coarctation, and very large VSD.
Examples of mediastinal vascular anomalies include left aortic arch, cervical aortic arch, right aortic arch with aberrant left subclavian artery, right arch with mirror-image branching, double aortic arch, aortic coarctation, persistent left superior vena cava, a double superior vena cava, retroaortic innominate vein, circumaortic innominate veins, interruption of the inferior vena cava with azygos and hemiazygos continuation, pulmonary artery sling, congenital absence of the left pulmonary artery, pulmonary valvular stenosis, patent ductus arteriosus, pulmonary varix, and partial anomalous pulmonary venous return.
His medical history was contributory for sickle cell anemia and repair several years earlier of an aortic coarctation secondary to Shone syndrome, consisting of coarctation of aorta, parachute deformity of mitral valve, aortic stenosis, and persistent left subclavian vein.
Section 3 Aortic Coarctation, Aneurysms and dissections, 000 45 Pathology of aortic coarctation, aneurysms and dissections, 000 46 Echocardiographic assessment of aortic aneurysms and dissections, 000 47 MSCt for assessment of aortic coarctation, aneurysms and dissections, 000 48 Percutaneous treatment of aortic coarctation, 000 49 Surgical treatment of aortic coarctation, 000 50 Endovascular repair of thoracic aortic aneurysms, 000 51 Endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms, 000 52 Endovascular repair of aortic dissections, 000 53 Surgical approaches to the treatment of aortic aneurysms and dissections, 000
Data from the UK on over 100 stent procedures for coarctation from a single centre (59), demonstrated that stenting for aortic coarctation and re-coarctation is effective with low-immediate complication rates.
Our patient underwent aortic coarctation, and ASD and VSD repair at age 14 weeks.
He had a history of long-standing hypertension and aortic coarctation that had been surgically repaired 20 years earlier, but subsequently he had been lost to follow-up.
ECG revealed a membranous aortic coarctation, which was treated with balloon angioplasty.
While this appearance is not limited to aortic coarctation, the finding of bilateral, symmetric rib notching in a patient >6 years of age, especially in association with an abnormal aortic contour as described above, is virtually diagnostic of coarctation of the aorta.
post-valvar pulmonary stenosis and aortic coarctation (Fig.