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garlic mayonnaise

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The mushrooms were marvellously moist and tasty enough alone, but the aoli served to add extra flavour which burst on the tastebuds.
For starters, I opted for parmesan arancini with aoli and my guest chose scallops with Cajun oysters.
The goal of every true Provenal winemaker is to produce ros of the most delicate hue possible, yet with enough flavour to partner almost anything from seafood to vegetables dipped in the local, pungent, garlic mayonnaise - aoli.
Believed to be a descendent of the ancient Roman preserved fish sauce Garum, it is served just warm with raw vegetables (traditionally cardoons, onions, celery and other hearty autumnal veg) and is similar to aoli in many ways.
Canadian distributor of reheat stretch-blow-molding machines from Ningbo Aoli Machinery Co.
Then we'd have a table of hors d'oeuvres which would include mushrooms a la Greque, ratatouille, French country pork terrine, piles of warm onion, egg, anchovy and olive tarts, a big bowl of hot, pink radishes, large crevettes, a big wobbly bowl of yellow aoli, garlic mayonnaise, little canapes with puree of salt cod with garlic, and a bowl of salad leaves.