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a soldier in the Australian and New Zealand army corps during World War I

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The Anzac Memorial upgrade will be completed in late 2018.
Hampton's work focuses on the change of Anzac operations from one of disrupting attacks and economy-of-force operations to one of constant pressure.
Today on ANZAC Day, we remember all those who have laid down their lives in service to their countries for peace and security, Adamson said.
Several teenagers have been arrested in Australia in recent years and charged with terrorism offences, including five young men who police alleged were planning an attack at last year's centenary ANZAC day celebrations in Melbourne.
Australia's Anzac memory hinges upon the unsuccessful landing of Australian, British, New Zealand, French and other troops along the Dardanelles peninsula in 1915, yet it is really only the Australian troops who are remembered.
But the stories that Australian filmmakers have chosen to tell, and those they have excluded, can tell us a great deal about how we see the Anzac legend and how we choose to commemorate World War I.
SUMMER Bay's teenagers are still in Canberra, learning more about the Anzacs.
For most, Anzac Day-- Anzac stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps-- marks the landing by Australian and New Zealand soldiers in southern Turkey as part of the Gallipoli campaign of World War I.
PRESIDENT Michael D Higgins has taken part in the centenary Anzac commemorations at Gallipoli.
The Anzac values have helped Australians find pride in their country's history that is stained with invasion, occupation and oppression of the country's indigenous population by the British.
Through the work of the Anzac nurses, we can recognise something of those losses.
Commemorating the Anzac campaign and legend of these soldiers, the Australian government declared 25 April a national holiday and encouraged dawn memorial services to be performed around the country on this day.
Based on true events and the book "The Other ANZACS" by Peter Rees, Anzac Girls is a six-part drama miniseries about five brave Australian and New Zealand nurses who served during World War I.
The Australian War Memorial includes Anzac Parade Boulevard which has a series of monuments commemorating specific military campaigns or services.
On 25 April each year, over 150 people attend the ANZAC Day Dawn Service in Delhi, including official representatives from a range of nations and from the three Indian Military Services.