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any of a group of powerful Babylonian earth spirits or genii


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A driving, passionate retelling of some of Earth's oldest theories involving gods, angels and early civilizations, In The Beginning: The Epic Of The Anunnaki surmises theories of the ancient astronauts.
In writing his novel, Alex Teplish called on the talents of artists worldwide in order to illustrate the dynamic, powerful story of the Anunnaki.
Icke's worldview, the reptilian Anunnaki are shape-shifters who have taken on human form and occupy the top positions of power in politics, business, finance and religion worldwide.
According to Icke, the Anunnaki invented the world religions, including Christianity; Jesus is a myth and the Bible is an Anunnaki fairy tale concocted to keep humans in a mental prison.
GUB = manzaz before Anunnaki, malku, kubu, and etemmu is curious.
with special features), an in-depth examination of the cultural imprint that the Anunnaki may have left behind, and much more.
47, where the Anunnaki are said to have "raised its head (ullu resisu) toward Apsu" (S.