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United States dancer and choreographer (born in England) (1909-1987)


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A professor emerita at the University of New Mexico and a former dancer with the Metropolitan Opera Ballet Company (under Antony Tudor), Chazin-Bennahum is the author of the award-winning The Ballets of Antony Tudor and the soon-to-be-released Rene Blum and the Ballets Russes.
She developed more dance skills in London, where she worked with Marie Rambert and a very young Antony Tudor, one of the book's most intriguing characters.
Antony Tudor Centennial Book & DVD Edited by Mark B.
In 1948, Wilson moved to New York where she studied with Margaret Craske, Antony Tudor, and others.
The article on Antony Tudor in the February issue brought back memories.
From his very first ballet, Two Brothers, to music by Dohnanyi in 1958 (acclaimed on the Rambert's visit to Jacob's Pillow the following year) to more mature works like That Is the Show to music by Berio in 1971, Morrice seemed to some to be the logical Rambert successor to Antony Tudor.
Another searcher at another time was Antony Tudor, the British choreographer who helped build ABT into a world-class company.
My inspiration came from working with Carol Lynn, Martha Hill, Jose Limon, Antony Tudor, Louis Horst, Margaret Craske, Alfredo Corvino, William Schuman, and many others.
Antony Tudor was an aloof man, with a sudden, shy, and twisty smile that lit up his face like unexpected birdsong on a rainy day.