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Moreover, by praising magnificence, Antoninus and other preachers spurred the patronage of art and provided a rationale for it.
Emperor Antoninus Pius ordered its construction to halt the advance of Caledonian tribes.
IN 142 AD, Emperor Antoninus Pius built a wall to keep marauding Caledonian tribes out of the civilised Roman world.
Moving to Rome, he ran a Christian mission throughout the reign of Antoninus Pius (138-161), numbering the future theologian Tatian among his pupils, maintaining links with ordinary Romans by living above a public bath house.
A celebrated Dominican preacher, an important diplomat at the Council of Constance, a founder of the Corpus Domini convent in Venice, and a friend to Coluccio Salutati and Francesco Datini as well as a mentor to Archbishop Antoninus of Florence, he was intimately involved in the political and religious affairs of early Renaissance Italy.
comprises essays on three busts in Zurich, including portraits of Euripides and Antoninus Pius.
The pre-sale report on the Hadrian, Trajan, Aurelius, Antoninus, and Nerva Funding Companies is available on the Fitch Ratings web site at www.
Completed in 142 AD, the 12ft high wall was built on the orders of Emperor Antoninus to halt Caledonian tribes.
The Emperor then was Antoninus Pius (138-161), described by the third-century pagan historian Dio Cassius as "showing the Christians great respect.
However, the gent who earned the respect, acclaim and love of his subjects (or so it says on the internet) is usually spelt Antoninus Pius.
David Peterson has written on Archbishop Antoninus (1389-1459) and his contribution to the institutional history of the Church, while more recently Peter Howard has discussed the public theology of the archbishop and the spiritual guidance he offered.
Antoninus (Antonino Pierozzi, 1389-1459), an acolyte of the fiery Observant Dominican preacher Giovanni Dominici, who became a powerful archbishop of Florence (1446-1459) and one of Renaissance Italy's leading reformers and moralists, has never been comfortably situated by historians in the culture of Quattrocento Florence.
There can't be many actors who can play Antoninus with a Brooklyn accent.
Upon closing, Fitch will publish a new issue report on the Hadrian, Trajan, Aurelius, Antoninus, and Nerva Funding Companies and it will be available on the Fitch Ratings web site at www.
Although the so-called Antoninus Pius fits comfortably with the rest of Antico's oeuvre, the other three display an interest in characterization, a kind of verism that is not otherwise evident in Antico's work, not even in his medallic portraits.