antisocial personality disorder

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a personality disorder characterized by amorality and lack of affect

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A petition is being organised by people living near the planned shop, which would be at the entrance of Norton Hill Drive in Wyken - where there is already a problem with antisocial behaviour.
Cheslyn Hay Parish Council, supported by the local Neighbourhood Police Team are backing the bid for a ban which they say will help combat antisocial behaviour.
MORE than 100 houses in Grange Moor have received letters about antisocial behaviour.
Mr Blair was highlighting new measures available to authorities in England and Wales to deal with low-level thuggery under the Antisocial Behaviour Bill, which is nearing passage.
The code will also cover web sites which encourage drinking games and antisocial behaviour.
Since January 18, there have been 35 fixed penalty notices issued, three incidents of antisocial behaviour, nine burglaries and 11 thefts from motorists.
Coun Joanne Bell said: "We are aware there have been incidents of antisocial behaviour in these areas and want to reassure residents that we take any such complaints seriously.
The measures have been brought in to deal with the seasonal rise in the amount of antisocial behaviour in the city due to the increased numbers of youngsters in Coventry's streets and parks during the school holidays.
Spokesman Jim Wilson said: "I find it totally offensive it is being linked with drug-taking, violent antisocial behaviour and children under the age of 18 getting drunk.
Earlier this month the courts granted a full antisocial behaviour injunction for two years with a power of arrest and exclusion zone attached to it.
A CLAMPDOWN on antisocial behaviour will sweep rural areas around Huddersfield next week.
The operation will include early morning visits to the homes of nuisance neighbours and those engaging in antisocial behaviour.
The aim of the event is to show youngsters other ways they can spend their time instead of becoming involved in dangerous and antisocial behaviour on railway lines and elsewhere.
In his weekly question-and answer-session, Mr Morgan said he was aware of the work being undertaken by partnership, particularly its efforts to combat antisocial behaviour and restricting the sale of alcohol to young people.
There's nothing for the kids to do so they turn to crime and antisocial behaviour.