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Previous studies have demonstrated that antiretroviral drugs can prevent HIV infection, but existing methods for delivering the drug fall short.
The second major PrEP worry involves those who contract HIV while taking the regimen--there's a chance they could become resistant to other antiretroviral drugs.
Sweet, a speaker for both companies and for other antiretroviral drug manufacturers, said one of the potential benefits is a reduction in prescription copayments, although she has had patients who have been charged higher copayments for combination antiretroviral drugs.
Still, some plans have charged higher copayments for other combination antiretroviral drugs.
His study's "surprising" findings also suggest that it may not be necessary to prophylactically treat infants of infected mothers directly, provided the at-risk babies are getting therapeutic doses of the highly active antiretroviral drugs from their mothers' milk, reported Dr.
We want to encourage physicians, pharmacists and beneficiaries to discuss why beneficiaries may not be taking their antiretroviral drugs correctly and to remove barriers to doing so.
Treating patients who had previously been treated with no more than 10 antiretroviral drugs.
In the first preliminary study of this strategy, Xia Jin of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center injected a vaccine into four patients who were on antiretroviral drug therapy.
In January 2005, the FDA announced it had granted tentative approval for a co-packaged antiretroviral drug manufactured by Aspen.
In a new approach to HIV prevention, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will fund a multinational trial of the antiretroviral drug tenofovir, taken orally once daily by HIV negative persons at high risk, to see if it can prevent HIV infection.
Among HIV-infected pregnant women, those who receive combination antiretroviral drug therapy have rates of premature delivery and stillbirth similar to those receiving monotherapy or no therapy, and they are no more likely to deliver a baby with low birth weight or low Apgar scores, according to a combined analysis of multiple studies performed in the United States.
There are general guidelines for antiretroviral drug use during pregnancy for HIV-infected women, but the potential impact of such therapy on the fetus and infant is unknown.
Almost no injection drug users in Russia are getting antiretroviral drug therapy," said Owens.
Antiretroviral drug resistance testing in adult HIV-1 infection.
The prevalence of antiretroviral drug resistance in the U.