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the theological doctrine that by faith and God's grace a Christian is freed from all laws (including the moral standards of the culture)

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49-50, 225-240; for the Newtown synod, see error numbered 36 in Hall, Antinomian Controversy, 228.
Professor of theology at University of Marburg 1534-48; resigned during antinomian controversy.
Hall's "Assurance, Community, and the Puritan Self in the Antinomian Controversy, 1636-38" examines the conundrum that dogged not only the Puritan Revolution but nearly every Western revolution that followed it: worthy philosophical tenets that inspire worthy movements can, when taken to extremes, threaten the very existence of the societies they help bring to birth; leaders of new social orders must walk the line between tolerating anarchy and appearing too similar to the hated old guard.
gender in rhetorical play of these figures and uses the Antinomian controversy to show how notions of the body politic were used to
Behind Cotton's lengthy debate with Williams, and lurking in both The Bloudy Tenet Washed and The Way of Congregational Churches Cleared, is the legacy of the Antinomian Controversy and Cotton's infamous pupil Anne Hutchinson.
After attending to general theoretical matters, he offers chapters on the "Body Politic" of the Puritans, the antinomian controversy involving Anne Hutchinson, Cotton Mather, the "Poetics Politics" of Walt Whitman, the autobiography of Henry Adams, and techno music of the 1980s.