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Some physicians recommend the routine administration of an antinauseant when initiating opioid therapy.
Teva's Granisetron HCl Injection products are the generic equivalents of Hoffman-La Roche's antinauseant and antiemetic agent Kytril(R) Injection.
An effective and safe antinauseant product that is delivered intranasally will have exciting advantages in this large market.
Roxane Laboratories now manufactures a broad range of pharmaceuticals, including treatments for pain in AIDS and cancer, an antinauseant for cancer chemotherapy, and an appetite stimulant for AIDS.
Kytril Tablets, like intravenous forms of drugs in the same class (5- HT3-receptor antagonists), provide antinauseant and antiemetic protection against the full range of cancer-drug regimens.
Kytril Injection is a member of a new class of antinauseant and antiemetic drugs called 5-HT3-receptor antagonists.
Antinauseants can be effective, as can tricyclic antidepressants, "especially if people aren't sleeping well," she said.