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a severe recurring vascular headache

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12) Other authors suggest that any recurrent, severe headache should be considered a migraine and will likely respond to antimigraine therapy.
Glaxo accepted a delay for several years for Imigran, an antimigraine in France rather than accept a low price that would have undercut its higher price elsewhere.
Jamie, now 13, was put on special medication and has been taking antimigraine drugs ever since .
The development and gradual escalation of central hypersensitivity points to the need for early utilization of antimigraine drugs.
Although it has not been demonstrated that these had antimigraine effect, they may be effective in combination with beta blockers prescribed by the attending doctor.
Migraine (Acute) - An acute antimigraine agent that is not contraindicated in migraineurs with a history, symptoms, or signs of vascular disease for the treatment of migraine
1991), antimigraine, anti-hypercholesterolemia (Abe and Kaneda 1975) and antidiabetic activities (Yoshinari et al.
LONDON--Using any acute antimigraine medication--be it single or combination analgesics, or triptans--exerted a protective effect against developing chronic migraine in a large, prospective study of episodic migraineurs.
The results are not as good as those achieved with standard antimigraine drugs, such as aspirin, antiemetics, trip-tans, or some of the new investigational drugs, but the availability of a noninvasive, nondrug treatment is important because it avoids the side effects of migraine medications, Dr.
The inclusion criteria were that the children were younger than 10 years, that they had experienced at least two migraines per month, and that they were previously resistant to commonly used antimigraine drugs.
After more extensive questioning, the patient also reported regular use of antimigraine suppositories, but hadn't mentioned this initially because she didn't consider them a "true drug.
Currently, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and narcotics are used as primary therapeutics for mild and severe pain; however, other drug classes such as antimigraine agents and ion flux inhibitors are in use as well.
nonprescription analgesics and anesthetics including systemic and topical formulations, as well as prescription analgesics and anesthetics including prescription NSAIDs, opioid analgesics, opioid/nonopioid combination analgesics, antimigraine analgesics, adjuvant analgesics, and general/regional/local anesthetics) and pain management devices (e.
Despite a number of antimigraine drugs belonging to different pharmacological classes are available, there is a huge unmet need for better migraine pharmacotherapy.