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Synonyms for antimicrobial

an agent (as heat or radiation or a chemical) that destroys microorganisms that might carry disease

capable of destroying or inhibiting the growth of disease-causing microorganisms


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PurThread has obtained a globally exclusive agreement to embed Kodak's antimicrobial agent into textile materials.
In addition to antimicrobial agent use for growth promotion or disease prevention, the use of these agents for disease treatment contributes to the exposure of enteric bacteria in affected hosts.
aeruginosa to resist the activity of each of the antimicrobial agents that are used in treatment.
DANMAP has 4 objectives: 1) monitor the consumption of antimicrobial agents for food animals and humans; 2) monitor the occurrence of antimicrobial agent resistance in bacteria isolated from food animals, food of animal origin, and humans; 3) study associations between antimicrobial agent consumption and antimicrobial agent resistance; and 4) identify routes of transmission and areas for further research.
Unlike other antimicrobials that act by poisoning harmful microorganisms," Manzone said, "Smart Sponge Plus technology is based on the interaction of the antimicrobial agent with the cell membrane of the microorganism.
Which antimicrobial agents should be routinely tested and reported on S pneumoniae?
The elements of management include cleansing the ear to facilitate diagnosis, identifying the infecting organism (by clinical or bacteriologic means), and applying appropriate antimicrobial agents.
According to BiomasterUSA LLC, supplier of the EPA registered antimicrobial silver technology used in the Eagle Armour Copy paper, silver is an element found naturally in the environment and has long been regarded as a versatile antimicrobial agent.
The fluids also contain Micronox[R], a food-grade antimicrobial agent developed by the company that provides unsurpassed protection for lubricants against hazardous microorganisms such as E-coil, Listeria and Salmonella.
Their increasingly complex responsibilities require that they ask whether the microorganism and antimicrobial agent test result in question falls into a category requiring technologist intervention and manual modification of the result.
CHG is an antimicrobial agent that kills a wide variety of microorganisms.
The issue is important to manufacturers that include antimicrobials in fibers, binders or other components of finished goods and who do not want to risk governmental sanction when noting the presence of the antimicrobial agent to consumers.
The antimicrobial agent triclosan pervades products ranging from window cleaner to toothpaste, for example.
This new indication makes Levaquin the first prescription antimicrobial agent specifically indicated for CAP caused by this resistant bacterium, giving physicians an additional option when penicillin-resistant pneumococcal pneumonia is present or suspected.
Whether or not the EPA draft is accepted as an official regulation, there are various factors to consider when confirming the effectiveness of an antimicrobial agent.