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Antilope De Seuil and Daryl Jacob land the 2m41/2f maiden hurdle
Stratum Species A B1 B2 C D Copra 1 Copra/Ovis/Gazella 1 3 Copra/Gazella 1 Gazelles 2 2 6 5 Gazella/Antilope 1 Gazella/Tetracerus 2 1 3 1 Antilope 1 2 2 Antilope/Axis 2 Tetracerus 1 3 1 Tetracerus/Muntiacus 1 Muntiacus 2 Muntiacus/Axis 1 Axis 1 3 3 3 Cervus/Axis 2 Cervus 1 2 Cervus/Boselaphus 1 Bos/Bubalus/Boselaphus 2 3 2 3 2 Boselaphus 1 1 6 2 Bubalus 1 Bos/Bubalus 1 Sus 2 3 2 Equus sp.
For nails, Le Vernis nail color is being touted in new limited-edition shades of Antilope (frosted golden brown) and Flamingo (bright pink).
Work on a Sar mode for the Thales Airborne Systems Antilope V radar carried by the Mirage 2000N and -D is reported to have begun in 1996, but there are no indications of whether this upgrade has entered service.
a water hole for the tiger to rest by, a well where the antilope can slake his thirst,
Through the years the perfume lines were modernized and expanded and include the trademarks BAMBOU, ANTILOPE and KIPLING, among others.
Scitex also announced during the Graph Expo 99 tradeshow being held in Chicago that Karat Digital Press has delivered the first 74 Karat press in Europe for beta testing to Antilope Printing in Lier, Belgium.
The proposal s ambition is to strengthen Europe s voice and impact, while reinforcing the bridges established with the EU Patient Summary guideline across the Atlantic in Trillium Bridge and among MS with epSOS, eSENS, Antilope, and EXPAND.
J'ai le droit de savourer ton miel Sur tes cuisses, antilope du Sahara J'ai dessine des arabesques magnifiques Des calligraphies feeriques Des arcades fantastiques Des signes magiques Ne me repousse pas
I'll be on French imports ARGENTINO ( for Willie Mullins) and ANTILOPE DU SEUIL (Gordon Elliott) in the maiden hurdles.