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TTHF (500 mg) contained 7 plant species as mentioned above used for antihelmintic formulae in this experiment.
5mg/Kg; these doses of Ivermectin have importance antihelmintic effect between 97-100% on adult form and [L.
The plant is used in the pharmaceutical industry for its anti-inflammatory, antiasthmatic, antispasmodic and antihelmintic properties (Mino et al.
1999) "Traditional antihelmintic, antiparasitic and repellent uses of plants in central Italy".
Schiff bases are compounds that are easily synthesized and many of Schiff bases in general are found to possess physiological biological and pharmaceutical activities such as antibacterial, antidiabetic, antihelmintic and antidepressant [1-5].
Because of the overwhelming number of cysts in this crow, surgical treatment was planned to remove parasites from half of the affected area, followed by treatment with a systemic antihelmintic drug for the remaining cysts.
8) Once the patient reported here began antihelmintic therapy with mebendazol and metronidazol, there was spontaneous elimination of the ascaris from the gallbladder and the intestines.