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a native or inhabitant of Antigua

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Driving round the island puts you in touch with real Antiguans, as does a meal at Papa Zouk's, an authentic restaurant with seafood to die for, run by German-born Bert, who used to be a diving instructor, and his Antiguan partner.
As of now, the Antiguan government has not unveiled its download site and it is unclear what service model it will use.
Stanford Group, which had an office in Little Rock from December 2006 until its collapse in February 2009, was a member of SIPC, and its representatives routinely sold the Antiguan CDs to customers.
It follows an indication by Antiguan prosecutors this month that they will be seeking the death penalty for Jay Marie Chin, who was found guilty of the murder of her ex-husband Raymond Chin.
A copy of the full text of the announcement in relation to the Co-Operation agreement between Antiguan Liquidators and US Receiver in relation to the assets of SIB EoACAo in liquidation and the lifting of Antiguan land asset restrictions by the Government of Antigua & Barbuda can be found on www.
Business people from the Dominican Republic and Antiguan citizens acting as pimps and brothel owners subject foreign women to forced prostitution primarily in four illegal brothels that operate in Antigua as well as in private residences that operate as brothels.
Almost every Antiguan landmark bears witness to the influence of the British on the island.
Was Stanford's decision to call his Antiguan restaurant Sticky Wicket proof that Amercians do understand irony after all?
6bn) in certificates of deposit with impossibly high interest rates from his Antiguan affiliate, Stanford International Bank Ltd (SIB).
There's something special about those moments where the Antiguan literary community takes the spotlight amidst the international glitterati.
ANTIGUAN Police Commissioner Gary Nelson confirmed last night that he has been fired.
One possibility: Antiguan authorities say they may retaliate by ignoring U.
I'm an Antiguan writer and here was a literary festival on Antiguan soil.
A Caribbean fortnight at the Antiguan resort of Carlisle Bay will be the star lot of an auction at the Racing Post-sponsored event.
LIAT, an Antiguan regional airline, has relaunched as a discount carrier.