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a general of Alexander the Great and king of Macedonia

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Antigonus is the husband of noblewoman Paulina, and a loyal friend to Hermione, queen of Sicilian monarch Leontes.
Given the early modern fixation on controlling daughters, exemplified so gruesomely by Antigonus, this work is critical to understanding the larger gender-based networks of oppression in the period.
In the fourth century Philip II of Macedon supported the upper classes, and this continued to be the policy of the rulers of Macedon down to Antigonus Doson.
Shakespeare returns to and expands upon Paulina's unwillingness to effect closure, which carries with it the undercurrent of the unregulated woman, through the depiction of her inability to overcome the loss of Antigonus.
Perdiccas, Craterus, Antipater, Antigonus, Leonnatus, Seleucus, Ptolemy, and their colleagues were all graduates of a remarkable school of military and political experience, and -- as Meleager quickly learned -- a wrongly played hand meant death.
This production waxed Freudian, as the literal bear in the text is clearly an emanation of Leontes's id, his sexual jealousy and anger, that sends Antigonus ou his doomed voyage to dispatch Princess Perdita and that shakes the foundations of civilizing domesticity.
Hesperiidae Hesperiinae Saliana triangularis (Kaye, 1914) Hesperiidae Hesperiinae Synapte silius (Latreille, [1824]) Hesperiidae Pierinae Pyrgus communis (Grote, 1872) Hesperiidae Pyrginae Achlyodes mithridates thraso (Hubner, [1807]) Hesperiidae Pyrginae Antigonus erosus (Hubner, [1812]) Hesperiidae Pyrginae Antigonus nearchus (Latreille, [1817]) Hesperiidae Pyrginae Astraptes anaphus (Cramer, 1777) Hesperiidae Pyrginae Astraptes fulgerator (Walch, 1775) Hesperiidae Pyrginae Astraptes talus (Cramer, 1777) Hesperiidae Pyrginae Autochton neis (Geyer, 1832) Hesperiidae Pyrginae Autochton zarex (Hubner, 1818) Hesperiidae Pyrginae Bungalotis midas (Cramer, 1775) Hesperiidae Pyrginae Burca sp.
I saw this tendency at work in a 1988 conversation (which I cite in "The Intentional-Fallacy Fallacy") with the late actor Tony Church, over a light dinner in the pasta bar of Royal Festival Hall between a matinee of The Winter's Tale and an evening performance of The Tempest at the National Theatre, in which Church was playing Antigonus and Gonzalo.
Martin Hermione Linda Emond Camillo Byron Jennings Antigonus Gerry Bamman Paulina Marianne Jean-Baptiste Shepherd Max Wright Clown Jesse Tyler Ferguson Autolycus Hamish Linklater Florizel Francois Battiste Perdita Heather Lind
This famous and well-known passage is used to date Asoka to that time when the reigns of the Seleucid Antiochus II Theos (261-246) of Syria, Ptolemaeus II Philadelphos of Egypt (283-247), Antigonus Gonatas of Makedonia (277-239), Alexander of Epirus (272-256/255) or of Korinth (252-244), and Magas of Cyrene ([dagger] before 250) overlap.
And Antigonus eaten by that matter-of-fact bear after he
In Farr's RSC production, Antigonus, after he attempted to draw the bear away from Perdita, left not one but two items behind with the baby (a treasure chest and a separate fardel with the tokens), so that at the end of the scene the old shepherd exited with the child, and his son (off to bury Antigonus) departed with the two objects.
For example, when Leontes talks to Antigonus about killing his daughter - I only found this a few days ago - he says 'thou, that has a heart so tender o'er it.
Bosworth (1971: 115-16), suggested that this pamphlet was written to serve Perdiccas's purposes after the break with Antipater in 321 BC; but Heckel (1988) argues that it was produced in Polyperchon's circle, probably by Holkias, and not before about mid-317, as part of a campaign to discredit Cassander and Antigonus.
821) names several, including Hermippus, Satyrus, Antigonus, and Sotion, most, if not all, of whom seem to have written works of collective biography.