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(Christianity) the adversary of Christ (or Christianity) mentioned in the New Testament

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The word Antichrist (antichristos) appears in the New Testament only five times, each time in the Johannine epistles: 1 John 2:18 (twice), 2:22, and 4:3; and in 2 John 7.
Blasphemy, the persecution of true believers, the usurpation of God's rightful worship, and the fomenting of lawlessness were all suggested as signs that the Antichrist was initiating the apocalypse.
One of the earliest identifications of the papacy with the Antichrist arose at this time.
Thus, the Antichrist through his defection will cause the Church to fall.
First, Luther believes that the appearance of the Antichrist is an apocalyptic event: thus, he uses Jungsten tag to clarify the meaning of parousia in verse 3.
For Luther, the Antichrist will betray the Church from within, undermine the Roman Empire, take God's rightful place in the Church, and mislead through false doctrines and signs.
In a private letter of 11 December 1518 to Wenceslaus Link (1483-1547), Luther first reveals the nagging question of whether or not "the true Antichrist according to Paul is reigning in the Roman curia.
Thus, in early February 1520, Luther found the pope severely wanting: he was tyrannical, he was antichristian, but Luther was not yet convinced he was the Antichrist.
20] Bernard Capp and Palle Olsen have argued that Foxe was no advocate of an earthly paradise; though he did see history as an ongoing apocalyptic struggle between the forces of Christ and Antichrist, there was to be no immediate earthly resolution.
48] Instead of Old Testament prophecy, Foxe relies heavily on New, on the scheme in Revelation of the ever-present forces of Antichrist in history.
The Messiah awaited by the Jews, like that of the papists, will be Antichrist.
50] His contempt for the Jews is coupled with the logic of his anti-Catholicism: "Just as the Jews err in their messiah, so the papists in their Antichrist.
Therefore, the Antichrist of the papists will never come.
Rather, to convert the Jews would be to participate in the ongoing reforming process, to continue to wage battle against Antichrist, an apocalyptic war whose ultimate conclusion would be decided by God.
In Foxe's apocalyptic scheme, Turks and Catholics were structurally allied with Antichrist.