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a religious orientation opposed to Catholicism

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Of course, as Anthony Milton points out, a comparatively restrained rhetorical stance does not necessarily imply either sincerity or a corresponding restraint in the actions and attitudes of the author (or his audience)--see Anthony Milton, 'A Qualified Intolerance: the Limits and Ambiguities of Early Stuart Anti-Catholicism', in Catholicism and AntiCatholicism in Early Modern English Texts, ed.
The second form of antiCatholicism reflects a sense that the institution of the Catholic church ill befits the American spirit; Catholics are too comfortable with authoritarian and hierarchical social systems.
It is there that our future leaders are exposed to secular humanism, atheistic relativism, and even antiCatholicism.
2) Can antisemitism be the answer, when anticatholicism, an equal if not stronger movement, did not produce the same political habits among the Irish, Italians, or Poles?
Moffatt's misreading of the force of antiCatholicism emerged from her own elitism.
Sterne does not elaborate on the resonances of anticatholicism, displayed here especially in the figure of Dr.