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The broad antibacterial activity of the natural antibody repertoire is due to polyreactive antibodies.
Similarly, the analysis of the antibody repertoire with antigen microarrays led to large-scale analyses of the immune response in autoimmune diseases (24-27), allergies (28,29), response to tumors (30,31), vaccinations (32), and infections (33).
At this point, it may be helpful to summarize some of the contributions to generating diversity in the antibody repertoire.
Kymab uses Genedata Biologics for their screening platform to deeply mine the proprietary Kymouse antibody repertoire and to identify candidate-quality molecules with exceptionally broad diversity and the quality of fully human antibodies.
Moreover, antibodies directed against a large fraction of parasite antigens may not be protective (children in cluster 3, with the broadest antibody repertoire, were no more protected against clinical malaria than children in cluster 2, with the most limited antibody repertoires) and may indeed impair the function of protective antibody specificities (children in cluster 3 were significantly less protected than children in cluster 1).
Genetastix's first issued patent, United States Patent 6,406,863, issued on June 18, 2002, and is entitled "High Throughput Generation And Screening Of Fully Human Antibody Repertoire In Yeast.
2] in an adult human); supplementing the antibody repertoire in a mucous secretion (Figure 1-top) thus offers an effective method for protecting a mucosal surface against pathogens to which the host has not been exposed or become immune.
Chun-Nan Chen, Founder and CEO of SCT said: "This partnership with OMT will demonstrate the value of delineating the antibody repertoire of the humoral response by NGS early during antibody discovery.
XOMA 031 is a naive human Fab phage display library with more than 300 billion clones covering the human antibody repertoire.
We expect that the results of these studies will contribute to our understanding of the mechanisms that regulate the antibody repertoire in response to infections and have practical implications for the development of vaccines.
Various expressions of a unique anti-human thyroglobulin antibody repertoire in normal state and autoimmune disease.
Genetastix Corporation (San Jose, CA; 408-435-8900) has been granted United States Patent 6,406,863, issued on June 18, 2002, entitled "High Throughput Generation And Screening Of Fully Human Antibody Repertoire In Yeast.
at The Scripps Research Institute on catalytic antibodies and antibody repertoire cloning.
We are certain that the complete human antibody repertoire found in The Trianni Mouse, makes it the best platform for use in Lingwood's HIV vaccine research.
Distinguished by a novel chimeric gene segment design, the Trianni platform provides Takeda with easy access to a complete human antibody repertoire that has been optimized for the isolation of fully human therapeutics.