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To provide a complete characterization of the antibody repertoire in SLE, Mohan and coworkers developed antigen microarrays comprising a collection of SLE-related antigens (25).
Dr Christian Grondahl, Chief Executive Officer of Kymab, added: "We are delighted to publish our technology in this highly prestigious journal and to present the first professional peer-reviewed publication of transgenic mice with a fully human antibody repertoire.
Clearly, it would be highly impractical to encode a significant antibody repertoire in the human germline.
We suspect that that this antibody with HAMA activity is against the CHOs of the organism for several reasons: (a) It is well-known that the antibody repertoire to CHO antigens is very restricted in both humans and in mice (20-22).
X-BODY's fully human library captures the natural antibody repertoire.
Various expressions of an anti-human thyroglobulin antibody repertoire in normal state and autoimmune disease.
OMT) today announced its new human antibody platform using the first genetically engineered rats expressing a human antibody repertoire.
The DTLacO library comprises a highly diverse antibody repertoire from which antibodies specific for therapeutic or diagnostic targets are selected.
Published studies point to favorable transplant outcomes for patients who are fortunate to have even low concentrations of CMV345-like antibodies in their serum antibody repertoire.
Human Antibody Repertoire Libraries (David Lowe and Tristan J.
These researchers have managed to create a synthetic immune system in the test tube, as well as demonstrating its preventive and therapeutic potential due to exceeding the natural antibody repertoire the human body can generate.
The Symplex[TM] technology maintains an exact identity with the original donor antibody repertoire and mimics the natural human immune response.
MorphoSys' unique antibody repertoire is the ideal complement to our immunology tools program which includes the peptide array platforms PepSpot(TM) and PepStar(TM) plus the novel PepMix(TM) technology for effective T-lymphocyte stimulation.
The human gene sequences function correctly in the mouse, undergoing rearrangement to provide a wide antibody repertoire similar to that in humans.
Genetastix's first issued patent, US Patent No: 6,406,863, issued on June 18, 2002, and is entitled "High Throughput Generation And Screening Of Fully Human Antibody Repertoire In Yeast.