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law intended to promote free competition in the market place by outlawing monopolies

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Bill Gates, founder and chairman of Microsoft, is furious that the EU is interfering at all when Microsoft is already subject to anti-trust laws in America.
Dan Kennedy, in the Boston Phoenix, disputes Meyerson, pointing out that this is a breathtakingly broad view of anti-trust law, a law intended "not to protect political viewpoints but, rather, advertisers, who would presumably be hurt by the monopolization of the alt-weekly market in a given community.
You can be assured that if we conclude that the venture violates the anti-trust laws, we will take appropriate action," Klein wrote in a letter to state officials.
Saying that testimony from numerous companies at the antitrust hearings in the US "show that Microsoft's operating systems monopoly has stifled the development of other enterprises and technologies," he urged China to learn a lesson from this and enact an anti-trust law of its own as soon as possible.
When the government ordered the breakup of the Standard Oil company in 1911, under the Sherman Antitrust Act, La Follette celebrated: "So flagrant has been its violation of the anti-trust law that its eminent lawyers were not able to prove it even `reasonably' innocent.
It was established to provide ethical business practice, with a focus on the prevention of corruption and on compliance with anti-trust law within the banknote industry.
28 ( ANI ): A US judge has reportedly suggested that an external monitoring body is necessary to keep check on tech giant Apple's blatant violations of anti-trust law as it allegedly fixed prices of e-books with publishers.
One unusual area that can be an indicator of an upturn is competition law or anti-trust law.
The volume is divided into sections covering foundational theory, secrecy and sharing, impacts on public policy and international law, and individual essays address such topics as trade secrecy and innovation, trade secrets in open technologies, secrets and anti-trust law and secrets versus traditional knowledge.
The overwhelming congressional support for the anti-trust law is ironic, as legislators recently approved a bill that consolidates the control of Mexico's two largest networks over the broadcast waves (see SourceMex, 2006-04-05).
The course will discuss anti-trust law implications, fair housing practices, rent regulation, etc.
The judge ruled on April 3 that Microsoft had violated federal anti-trust law by using illegal methods to protect a monopoly in computer operating systems.
Article 82 represents in many respects probably the most rapidly evolving area of EU anti-trust law.
The Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs conducted a five-day residential training programme on anti-trust law in partnership with the Competition Commission of India between the 1st-5th of July 2014 at the IICA Manesar campus.
Among the topics are harmonizing private and public approaches in a more differentiated enforcement model, what is going wrong in the debate over collective private enforcement in anti-trust law, the production of evidence in Central and Eastern Europe, and the ideal model.