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a division of the United States Army that is specially trained for guerilla fighting

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The police's anti-terrorist unit launched raids in different areas in
In a statement, the force said: "Greater Manchester Police's Anti-Terrorist Unit is leading the operation, which has involved addresses being searched with warrants under the Terrorism Act in five police force areas.
From 1972 to 1977 Barry Wardle lived in Rhodesia - now Zimbabwe - and volunteered for the police reserve and an anti-terrorist unit after the country had declared UDI from Britain.
Head of the anti-terrorist unit, District Assistant Commisioner Peter Clark, called for information.
They were an excellent anti-terrorist unit and were responsible for many kills and captures while operating under extremely difficult and dangerous conditions.
I would like to see the JTF2 return to it's former role as a small, politically accountable anti-terrorist unit and at the same time, see the reinstatement of the Canadian Airborne Regiment.
Such arguments did little to sway foreign governments concerned about their citizen's safety, particularly as Mathew Kabetu, head of Kenya's anti-terrorist unit confirmed to the press that a terrorist operation in Kenya was possibly at an advanced stage of planning.
A Colombian anti-terrorist unit has prepared a dossier detailing how the development of Farc bombs mirrors IRA techniques.
SPECIAL teams of the Garda anti-terrorist unit will be on alert today as 1.
MIDDLE EAST: A Palestinian suicide bomber detonated explosives today as an elite anti-terrorist unit closed in on his hide-out in a West Bank village, police said.
The United States has offered to train and equip an elite Philippine anti-terrorist unit as a long-term response to the current wave of terrorist attacks and kidnappings in the country, Philippine Defense Secretary Orlando Mercado said Monday.
Army's elite anti-terrorist unit, Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta -- better known as Delta Force.
According to the report, a police anti-terrorist unit and passersby jumped in and began rescuing the survivors.
NOTHINGhadevermade Walter Smith think of quitting as Rangers' boss against his own free will - until the day he was visited by the anti-terrorist unit of Strathclyde Police.
The Anti-Terrorist unit, supported by the UAE Air Forces and Air Defence units, and in coordination with the US 5th fleet, boarded the vessel today, following which the pirates surrendered.