antisocial personality disorder

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a personality disorder characterized by amorality and lack of affect

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The Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview (MINI) was used to detect previous and current psychiatric illnesses, including mood, anxiety, and psychotic, eating and anti-social personality disorders.
The finding that neither borderline nor anti-social personality disorder accurately predicts premature treatment drop-out confirms the research of Ravndal et al.
Solicitor-General Elish Angiolini, QC, said Cameron was described as having an anti-social personality disorder and anger problems and had first been expelled from school at the age of 11 for assault.
The Comprehensive Handbook of Psychopathology (Plenum, 2001) estimates that 3% of all males and 1% of all females are afflicted with Anti-Social Personality Disorder, another name for psychopathy that is listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), the bible of psychiatry.
A confidential report compiled for the Canadian Parole Board warned Wood suffered from anti-social personality disorder and was a risk to the community - particularly if he had access to alcohol.
These findings and others indicate that childhood ADHD represents a risk factor for later criminality but that this relationship is almost exclusively mediated by the onset of serious aggression during adolescence leading to development of an anti-social personality disorder in early adulthood.
Two psychologists who examined Herrera testified that he suffers from anti-social personality disorder and is a threat to commit sex crimes in the future.
has shown that the diagnosis of anti-social personality disorder may now be less than one-third of the admitting population, and people with borderline behaviors also may make up another third.
Mehmet Ali Agca, who spent 29 years in jail, will be taken to a military facility and then to a hospital to renew a 2006 military hospital report which said he is not fit for obligatory military service because of "severe anti-social personality disorder," said Gokay Gultekin, his lawyer.
At Limerick Circuit Court yesterday, Judge Sean O'Donneabhain said it was obvious from all of the reports prepared for the court that McCarthy - who suffers from an anti-social personality disorder - remains a danger to others and the option of placing her in any setting other than prison was not open to him.
In 1990, he was diagnosed with an anti-social personality disorder which made him egocentric, irresponsible, quick to lose his temper, deceitful, impulsive and reckless.
Menzies, who suffered from an anti-social personality disorder,had a dangerous fascination with violence, which grew from a troubled childhood.