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the doctrine that calls for the abolition of slavery

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They pledged to condemn human enslavement in all its forms, appeal to governments to put strict anti-slavery laws in place, and establish a joint task force that would recommend ways for both churches to collaborate against slavery.
While there are a plethora of reporting standards and tools which incorporate an anti-human trafficking or anti-slavery dimension, eLRT is the only compliance-focused template to date which covers the current set of legal requirements many companies around the globe face," states Dr.
It came as part of a countrywide hit on traffickers and gangs, which came on Anti-Slavery Day, a day dedicated to battling human trafficking, labour exploitation and modern day slavery.
Held on Anti-Slavery Day, the conference was part of a move to bring together different agencies, such as police, health and education, to spot the signs of trafficking and help prevent it.
In a video message, released today to mark Anti-Slavery Day, Eugenie said: "I've had the chance to see first-hand what The Salvation Army can do for victims of trafficking and modern slavery.
Dakar: Mauritanian anti-slavery activists jailed last month have been tortured in detention and transferred to a remote desert location in an "intensification of repression" by the state, a leading campaigner said.
THE UK's anti-slavery commissioner fears people trafficking cases are not being investigated properly.
TRAFFICKING of adults and children is not being investigated properly, the UK's anti-slavery commissioner has warned.
That number compares to the 10 million to 12 million people enslaved during the trans-Atlantic slave trade of the 19th century, according to Kevin Hyland, the United Kingdom's Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner.
According to my historian colleague Eric Foner, the most recent chronicler of the Underground Railroad, she was dubbed "Captain Harriet Tubman" by New York City's leader of the American Anti-Slavery Society.
The UK's Anti-Slavery Commissioner Kevin Hyland said human trafficking is an issue "not just for individual countries, but globally".
As Emily Berquist has noted (2010:183), the historiography on Spanish anti-slavery and abolitionism has been dominated by Anglocentric paradigms and has largely focused on Cuba, limiting the scope to the nineteenth century.
The figures emerged as the UK Government today announced a crackdown to mark world Anti-Slavery Day.
FITCHBURG -- The Fitchburg Historical Society has been awarded a grant of $1,000 from the Fitchburg Cultural Council for Researching the Underground, its new resource guide on the history of the local anti-slavery movement and Fitchburg's participation in the Underground Railroad.
Upon reaching the North, Grimke took up the anti-slavery cause, and she and Sarah became two of the best-known and controversial abolitionist lecturers in the country.