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Due to the high possibility of NMS recurrence, at least 2 weeks should elapse after recovery; low doses of low-potency anti-psychotics should be titrated gradually after a test dose; and patients should be carefully monitored for early signs of NMS when psychotic symptoms persist (6).
From a much-loved, smiley dad with dementia to a demented man who, days before he died from the cumulative effects of his reaction to anti-psychotics, was staggering around a mental health ward corridor, urinating at will, eyes blank with tears, banging on doors to get out.
Our primary aim is to know the pattern and dosages of various atypical anti-psychotics, psychotropic SSRIS and mood stabilizers in the group of patients suffering from schizophrenia, and it will help constitute the basis of recommendation for routine clinical care of this disorder.
Given the serious side effect of anti-psychotics, this is a very worrying development.
Patients that probably have dementia were being prescribed anti-psychotics without a proper risk assessment.
PILL WORRIES Many care home residents are having anti-psychotic medication forced upon them as a first-line treatment for dementia, a charity has warned.
Looking at medical records from 75,445 people over 65 who were living in nursing homes, they assessed the risk of death in people taking six different forms of anti-psychotics over six months, using one particular drug - risperidone - as a comparison.
But she suffered severe side effects after being given an anti-psychotic drug called Risperidone, including nightmares, back pain, stomach pain, tremors and fevers.
ANTI-PSYCHOTIC drugs could increase the risk of blood clots, experts warned.
After a year, 77 per cent of the placebo group survived compared with 70 percent of those taking anti-psychotics.
Mental health consumers are typically told that anti-psychotics are required to prevent relapse, as is insulin for diabetes.
They know if you are taking birth control pills, or AIDS drugs or anti-psychotics.
The Alzheimer's Society said often unlicensed anti-psychotics can cause death or strokes.
In Figures 3 through 11, data are presented by four of the Medi-Span therapeutic groups (anti-anxiety agents, anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, and hypnotics) within the CNS category.
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