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(especially of vectors) parallel but oppositely directed

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4 consists of a MOSFET S1 with an intrinsic anti-parallel diode and an IGBT, [S.
Each shunt capacitor in the SVC system is divided into a specified number of branches that are switched on and off via anti-parallel thyristor/diode switches.
The performed switch elements contain a diode located anti-parallel with commutation element, which assuring a demand flowing way similar with from Fig.
The electric field in the region where the neutrons decay sweeps both populations of protons, those with initial axial momenta anti-parallel to the electron axis (group I) and those parallel (group II), toward the proton detector.
coli show it has a typical lipocalin fold consisting of eight anti-parallel beta-strands that form a beta-barrel with a distinct binding pocket for a small molecule.
In longitudinal recording, the magnetization in the bits on a disc is flipped between lying parallel and anti-parallel to the direction in which the head is moving relative to the disc.
By applying magnetic field impulses perpendicular to the direction of magnetization rather than anti-parallel to it, the magnetic poles of spinning particals can be flipped over or reversed in picoseconds rather than the nanoseconds it currently takes.
Ranging from 1100-1400V, this new product family is optimized with intrinsic anti-parallel diodes for soft switching applications.
The SCH2080KE is the industry's first SiC MOSFET co-packaged with a discrete anti-parallel SiC Schottky Barrier Diode (SBD), and features a forward voltage three times smaller than that of the body diode.
This explains why orthopositronium, where the particle (electron and positron) spins are parallel and hence the magnetic component of the electromagnetic interaction is repulsive, has a higher energy state than parapositronium where the particle spins are anti-parallel and the magnetic component of QED is attractive.
It is known that the crystalline fraction of silk is composed of nanosized inclusions made of repetitive amino-acid motifs that adopt the anti-parallel [beta]-sheet conformation.
3]He spin parallel to the neutron spin, the thermal capture cross section is essentially zero, whereas for the spins anti-parallel, the cross section is 10666 b.
The new 1200V XPT[TM] devices with co-packed anti-parallel Sonic-FRD[TM] or HiPerFRED[TM] diodes are optimized to reduce turn-off losses and suppress ringing oscillations, thereby producing smooth switching waveforms and significantly lowering electromagnetic interference (EMI) in the process.
In addition, Microsemi will soon offer an APT85GR120JD60 device that is packaged in a SOT-227 and includes a 60A anti-parallel, ultrafast recovery diode built with Microsemi's proprietary "DQ" generation of low switching loss, avalanche energy rated diode technology.