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The benefits of antiemetic and anti-nausea drug use in children with acute gastroenteritis is controversial.
After initial stabilization on admission, the 20 dogs in the outpatient study group received a single subcutaneous injection of the long-acting antibiotic Convenia (cefovecin), a daily subcutaneous injection of the anti-nausea drug Cerenia (maripotant), and subcutaneous hydration of a balanced electrolyte fluid solution three times a day.
Other medications can actually cause RLS, such as anti-nausea drugs and antidepressants, so if it is very bothersome, your doctor may try a different medication with a lower risk of side effects.
The last time I was on a sailboat, I took NASA-strength anti-nausea drugs and still wound up huddled by the rail, with nothing left to throw up.
Tardive dyskinesia is a rare and permanent side-effect of neuroleptic drugs, which include some of the older antipsychotics as well as some old-fashioned anti-nausea drugs.
And with the advances in anti-nausea drugs, there's now a lot more that can be done to reduce the symptoms.
New Hampshire will get more than $85,000 from GlaxoSmithKline PLC to settle claims it overcharged the Medicaid and Medicare programs for two anti-nausea drugs, Attorney General Kelly Ayotte announced earlier this month.