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the intense dislike for and prejudice against Jewish people

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My focus on the uses of anti-Judaism in relation to reformed theology and politics is not meant to detract from the very real and very grim potency of the irrational, age-old anti-Jewish stereotypes that repeatedly serve as a primal fund to be drawn upon in times of need.
Cunningham asserts that, with the exception of the Johannine literature, anti-Jewish themes in the Second Testament (e.
Last week's menorah desecration could have been foreseen," Jacobs said, given the history of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel bias among tenured professors and Northeastern staffers.
He said an unacceptable level of anti-Jewish sentiment still exists in Poland, but that it is no worse than in other European countries.
In a nutshell: Documentary about both the infamous, anti-Semitic book and the post-9/11 rise in anti-Jewish propaganda is also something of a personalized study of director Levin's connection with his heritage.
She has tried to divest herself of the pro-Jewish and anti-Jewish thinking that dominates Western society now, neither condemning Christians nor lionizing Jews, but describing and analyzing the processes that undermined efforts to assimilate.
If violent anti-Semites are relatively rare, anti-Jewish stereotypes remain harmfully present among a wider population, which fails to consider the fallacies and the mischief of deeply-ingrained misperceptions.
It's certainly possible that many or most Christians at the time shared Luther's anti-Jewish sentiments, but few or none were as prolific--and prescriptive--in making their feelings known.
Anti-Jewish incidents ranging from hate mail to arson are catalogued by the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia (EUMC) in the largest inquiry into the problem in Europe.
I did not gain the impression that it promotes anti-Jewish attitudes.
However, later insertions, Tomson concludes, have introduced the anti-Jewish element in Mark 3:6 (Pharisees described as plotting against Jesus) and in Mark 7:19 ("while he made all foods clean").
Critique of Israel's policies vis-a-vis the Palestinian people is deemed anti-Jewish and a return to the previous understanding of Jews within Christian theology and practice.
He had been released to apply at a later date for another charge of inciting racial hatred by publishing an anti-Jewish text, to be dismissed.
concludes that, although Hugh shared generally in the anti-Jewish sentiments of his time, he did not actively engage in anti-Jewish polemics.
Organized anti-Jewish activity, in contrast, accelerated.