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Antibiotics may be prescribed in severe cases, and anti-itch medicine is helpful.
In the feminine care arena, Vagisil now offers its anti-itch product in wipes form.
Choose from Skin Care Soap, Safflower Body Lotion and Starflower Anti-Itch Cream.
Unilever's new Sunsilk Anti-Itch shampoo, for example, is targeted at consumers with light dandruff and a sensitive scalp.
He now carries only a tube of anti-itch cream and an inhaler to meets and monitors his diet to avoid foods such as fish with high acid contents.
Insect repellent, sun block and anti-itch ointment are other useful items.
The company also offers an anti-itch cream ($5) formulated with aloe vera, witch hazel and oat flour that promises to quickly relieve the unwanted effects of a bug bite.
Throughout the Northwest, "bees and wasps are already probably pretty bad," said spokeswoman Alyson O'Mahoney of Lanacane, a leading maker of anti-itch and related skin products.
Initial treatments include small amounts of ultraviolet light (natural or otherwise) with topical or oral anti-itch agents.
Following the success of the company's initial product, TriCalm Hydrogel, these two new offerings strategically expand the brand's line of steroid-free, anti-itch products to further benefit sufferers of itch.
com-explains that Trevi's clinical research study is designed to see how well and safely the study drug works at reducing severe, chronic itching in people with prurigo nodularis, and that the results of this study may help to provide a better anti-itch treatment option for prurigo nodularis sufferers.
Sanofi has rolled out Allegra Anti-Itch Cooling Relief Cream and Allegra Anti-Itch Intensive Relief Cream in drug, grocery and mass merchandiser stores nationwide, taking the Chattem brand into new territory.
Now, researchers could silence these responsible nerve fibers to develop better anti-itch treatments, said Ethan Lerner, a neuroscientist at Harvard University who was not involved in the study.
TREAT IT: Cool baths, airing affected areas and anti-itch products, such as Lanacane Cream (pounds 2.