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prejudice against (fear or dislike of) homosexual people and homosexuality

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In general, libertarians and gay leaders have been united against anti-gay discrimination by government employers, such as the military.
Most homophobia is traditional in the sense that it refers to tradition to justify anti-gay discrimination, as in the formula: "marriage has always been between a man and a woman.
He added: "Voters will be disturbed by his failure to swiftly disown Grayling's support for anti-gay discrimination.
While he gives no rationale to support this assertion, he claims that American gay rights advocates often liken anti-gay discrimination to racism in order "to silence the general anti-homosexual views in the [USA].
Now that quest to legitimize anti-gay discrimination is also putting at risk scholarship by and about queer Americans.
Queer as Folk,' by contrast, seems to go out of its way to pit gay and straight characters against each other, offering up a steady stream of stories that deal with anti-gay discrimination.
224) (emphasis original) This observation is the basis for his doctrinal argument that anti-gay discrimination is a form of sex discrimination subject to heightened scrutiny under the Fourteenth Amendment.
5 billion budget to try to eradicate anti-gay discrimination.
Based on weeks of firsthand observation and more than 100 interviews the trio conducted with residents on both sides of the fence, ``Bordertown'' weighs in on a number of thorny issues including ethnic tensions, anti-gay discrimination within the U.
The question, simply put, is whether or not there exists a rational basis for, or a legitimate state interest in, anti-gay discrimination.
Surveys consistently indicate that most voters oppose anti-gay discrimination and support civil-rights protections for lesbians and gays.
Milton Shapp and Philadelphia was one of the first cities to pass anti-gay discrimination legislation in 1982.
The newlyweds, despite suffering from no shortage of lesbian-tolerant bakeries in the greater Portland area, brought a complaint to Oregon's Bureau of Labor and Industries, which in turn charged the bakery with violating the state's ban on anti-gay discrimination in places that serve the public.
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