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prejudice against (fear or dislike of) homosexual people and homosexuality

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Dolan insisted his opposition was based on promoting traditional marriage rather than anti-gay bias.
We That said, the gay men who booked in were activist troublemakers railroaded an change seeking an example of anti-gay discrimination: the gay rights group Stonewall had previously been in contact with the Bulls over their known anti-gay bias.
Worse, abstinence-only programs promote sexist gender stereotypes, spread dangerous misinformation about the efficacy of contraception and HIV prevention, and demonstrate pervasive anti-gay bias and ignorance about people living with AIDS.
Last year, the upset win of ``Crash'' over favorite ``Brokeback Mountain'' had many speculating about an anti-gay bias.
He also added that Shepard's mother remained convinced that anti-gay bias did play a role in her son's death.
McCallie testified against a proposal that is co-sponsored by Cunningham, a bill that looks like an attempt to write an anti-gay bias into state law.
In a festival chock full of giant vaginas, some Jiffy Lubers sensed anti-gay bias behind the cops' crackdown.