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(meteorology) winds spiraling outward from a high pressure center

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Mr Isherwood stated an obvious common sense fact that seems to escape the attention of 99 per cent of politicians: there is no wind under an anti-cyclone.
Moving anti-cyclones often block the path of cyclones changing atmospheric pressure above the observation station ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1984).
However, a shift in the position of this anti-cyclone will mean that cooler and cloudier conditions will gradually spread southwards from Wednesday.
Present high pressure systems, are not strong enough to constitute an anti-cyclone, which would have ruled out the possibility of rain.
We are in the middle of an anti-cyclone so it's dry, bright and cold at night.
Lower than average temperatures persisted through July, but in mid-August the effects of an anti-cyclone above the African continent drove temperatures well over the 100 degree Fahrenheit mark through early September.
The reason for the good weather is that an anti-cyclone has developed over the country at the moment.
The weathermen called it the most intense early June anti-cyclone since 1962.
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