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Antonyms for clockwise

in the same direction as the rotating hands of a clock

in the direction that the hands of a clock move

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The clockwise and anti-clockwise entry and exit slip roads will be closed overnight, at separate times between 10pm and 5am, on Thursday 1 October.
Drivers are being advised to follow signs with a hollow triangle symbol for a diversion anti-clockwise or to follow the hollow square symbol signs for a clockwise diversion via the A1, A406, and A10.
AMAZING EFFORT Stuart Leslie, Lee Wilson and Craig Leslie have canoed around the UK for charity, going anti-clockwise, which is meant to be unlucky and hasn't been tried before
KNOCKHILL has been granted a licence to allow motorbikes and cars to race in an anti-clockwise direction - a first for the UK.
With two players, each player takes turns to hit the ball, one player hitting the ball clockwise, the other anti-clockwise, around the pole.
For the first time ever a 24-hours event is being run in an anti-clockwise direction at Kartdrome, a factor which has levelled the playing field and been well-received by teams and drivers.
The first phase is at Junction 4 on the anti-clockwise exit and entry slip roads, and the second phase will be at Junction 3 on the anti-clockwise exit slip road into Leeds.
Just one small but significant factor continues to irk Mr Angry -the procedure of parading horses anti-clockwise in the paddock.
The circular route can be covered either clockwise or anti-clockwise, but it always starts and finishes at Moot Hall in Keswick.
Pictures, anti-clockwise, from left: Ayesha Doyley, aged nine, from Sutton Coldfield joins in one of the activities; actress Helen Terry played the model of 17th century Dutch artist Jan Steen; a Roman coin from the time of Antony and Cleopatra is examined by Antony himself; Duncan Fielden was Pieter Brueghel the Younger where he gave a talk about his painting Two peasants binding faggots
The M25 was blocked between junctions 13 and 14 clockwise and closed between junctions 14 and 13 anti-clockwise, AA Roadwatch said.
On 2 of these draw arrows to show clockwise direction on one circle and anti-clockwise on the other; in the middle of the other two circles write "YES" in the middle of one, and "NO" in the other.
Loosen the wheel bolts anti-clockwise, using the wheel wrench, starting at the bottom, then top, followed by left to right, but do not remove the bolts until the car is off the ground.
The first phase of the project - including providing more room on both exit slip roads onto the roundabout from the M60 and a dedicated left turn for drivers leaving the anti-clockwise M60 for the Manchester-bound A57 - started in November and opened to drivers in April.
The M60 will benefit with the provision of an additional lane to the anti-clockwise carriageway covering the three miles between junctions 15 and 12.