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(Christianity) the adversary of Christ (or Christianity) mentioned in the New Testament

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These incidents raise even more suspicions whether he may or may not be an Anti-Christ.
A group of 13 percent think President Barack Obama is the anti-Christ and 14 percent believe the CIA was involved in creating a crack cocaine epidemic in America's inner cities during the 1980's.
Nicolas duly appealed for immediate crackdown by law-enforcement agencies on websites by 'punishing anti-Christ bad image and narrative disseminators" He added that anti-Christ propaganda was part and parcel of an all-out campaign designed for the total expulsion of Levantine Christians by burning and desecrating their churches.
A MOTHER has spoken of the private hell she endured when illness led her to believe her baby was the anti-Christ.
In the course of four adventures the strongest protagonists left behind face the spectre of Nicolae, the apparent anti-Christ who will lead the world to final battle, and find their own beliefs and hearts changed in the process of their personal and political confrontation with a monster.
WCDN works to defeat the theory of Darwinian evolution and by extension, the forces of the anti-Christ.
And that is why they will violate their beliefs and lie, cheat and steal thinking they will "save the world from the Anti-Christ.
I mean, I am anti-Christ as well, but they''re so anti-Christ they shock me which isn''t an easy thing.
Incidentally, this is in the Bible today in the book of Revelation and the sign is part of the anti-Christ which is 666, so you have been warned.
I do not believe the Westminster Confession of Faith is right to say the pope is the Anti-Christ or to embrace double predestination (some are saved; some are damned).
As for the Pope condemning contraception, when so much new life comes into the world to die of starvation or as the result of violence in huge parts of the Third World, or vast members of pregnancies occur through rape globally, the man is further from God and closer to the anti-Christ for my money.
We also saw the new Lars Von Trier film, Anti-Christ, where the sick psychodynamics of a couple leads to sadism and murder.
The brouhaha over Christmas is a diversion from the real problem of the anti-Christ bias and prejudice in officialdom that Dr.
Five years ago Big Eck and Co would have been ignored or seen as the anti-Christ.
When word of this possible contact with the Supreme Being leaks out, a deranged missionary and a powerful televangelist team up, and their sulphur and brimstone rhetoric enlists an army of religious zealots who come together to destroy Isabella and the alleged Anti-Christ who is behind the project--the project that they feel seeks to disprove the Biblical story of the creation.