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Absorbances obtained in ELISA for determination of lgY anti-Aspergillus fumigatus anti-body levels in pooled egg yolk extract.
I'd started realizing the parallels between some of my feminist understandings -- in particular the destruction I had caused my body -- and what feminists were critiquing in traditional theology: namely the misogynistic and anti-body messages women had received.
Called Biowrap, and created by Toxin Alert, a Toronto-area company, the plastic wrap uses a protein-based, anti-body detection system to measure the level of toxins in food.
Since July 1985, when testing for HIV anti-body was fully implemented in our blood collection system, there have been approximately 10 million recipients of blood.
Current state of the art tuberculosis detection technologies rely mainly on using DNA signatures and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or anti-body based enzyme-linked immunoabsorbent (ELISA) assays, both of which require many hours to produce results and ELISA does so with relatively low confidence because of the low specificity of the assays.
The new anti-body therapy, yet to be tested on patients, blocks production of a brain protein believed to be one of the main causes of Alzheimer's.
Yesterday he presented Bodelwyddan's Ysbyty Glan Clwyd with the money, which will go towards a new anti-body suite at the hospital's cancer unit.
Tsao is optimistic that new ways of expression will take root in China, which traditionally has been ``very anti-body.
The acquisition gives Invitrogen an anti-body production site as well as access to Zymed's Chromogenic In-Situ Hybridization (CISH) platform for the evaluation of tissue morphology and gene status/chromosomal aberrations, which is utilized for patient stratification in clinical trials.
Regulation of anti-body isotype secretion by subsets of antigen-specific helper T cells.
The first genes to be given to the Roslin Institute by Viragen will be used to produce an anti-body to melanoma.
The infants were protected by maternal anti-body as none to date has evidence of HIV/ Hepatitis C infections.
The AnzenBio Bio Detector electrochemical pathogen detection system consists of a portable, 30-ounce hand-held electrochemical detector, used in conjunction with proprietary AnzenBio bio-sensor chips that have been impregnated with an anti-body assay that targets a specific pathogen.
CVDefine measures a new biomarker in blood, a specific anti-body, that has been linked to increased risk for cardiovascular disease.
Diversa purchased Biacore's Biacore S51 system for anti-body characterization .