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While Graham is right to point out in his Preface that anarchism as a conscious political philosophy only emerged in the 19th century--Proudhon was the first to call himself an "anarchist"--libertarian and anti-authoritarian ideas have been around for much longer.
In the film, which is based on the graphic British anti-authoritarian comics by Alan Moore, Natalie plays V's protege Evey.
The anti-authoritarian slant of the '60s also left a deep mistrust of religious hierarchies.
His acting skills impressed director Stanley Kubrick and he was cast as the futuristic anti-authoritarian Alex in the adaption of Anthony Burgess' very controversial A Clockwork Orange (1971).
I'm telling you, we are free thinking anarchists, we are anti-authoritarian, we are non-conformists.
Started by an American and initially viewed as a way to celebrate Western ideologies during the Cold War (and to give dissenting filmmakers from the USSR and its satellites a forum for their anti-authoritarian, often suppressed films), the Berlin International Film Festival has earned its reputation as one of the most important film festivals in the world.
We were the Me Generation, the anti-authoritarian generation,'' Chicago psychiatrist Kenneth Kaye tells Ladies Home Journal.
The mobilization of civil society - including the labor movement - in a broad coalition against the dictatorship culminated in the writing of a new, anti-authoritarian constitution in 1988 that explicitly barred the state from intervening in the affairs of organized labor.
You can argue all you want about the roots and reasons: Vietnam, Watergate, feminism, the sexual revolution, the anti-authoritarian spirit of the sixties, the collapse of the political parties.
The work discusses the development of child rearing structures that moderated the anti-authoritarian principles of the nation's founding yet fostered the development of personal autonomy and responsibility within a framework of rewards based on social acceptance and the fulfillment of duty.
To his credit, Hicks' anti-authoritarian instincts led him to rail against not only consumerism and organized religion but also drug prohibition, the bloated defense budget, the first Iraq war, and the deadly 1993 confrontation between federal agents and Branch Davidians outside Waco, Texas.
In February, overseas Chinese websites, inspired by anti-authoritarian uprisings across the Arab world, called for protests across China, raising Beijing's alarm about dissent and prompting tightened censorship of the Internet.
Wantling had been to San Quentin, learned the benefits of slow walking (don't go anywhere fast, you've a life to spend in these corridors), and had begun to put together an anti-authoritarian poetry of beauty and power.
Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are solid but the film only comes to life when Philip Seymour Hoffman bursts on to the screen as the sardonic, anti-authoritarian CIA agent who isn't below underhand tactics like blackmail to get his way.
Banks said that she admires the anti-authoritarian, do-it-yourself lifestyle.