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This is the first time researchers have identified a chemical that serves as a butterfly anti-aphrodisiac, Andersson notes.
By feeding both sexes carbon-labeled precursors, the researchers found that only males turn the amino acid phenylalanine into the anti-aphrodisiac.
Washington, July 17 (ANI): Scientists at the Harvard Medical School have discovered a previously unidentified pheromone that contributes to the anti-aphrodisiac effects observed in female fruit flies after copulation.
This anti-aphrodisiac effect helps to account for previously noted mating behaviors in fruit flies that have until now gone unexplained.
To date we know of two sex attractants (a female-produced male attractant and a male-produced female attractant) to allow the opposite sexes to find each other; two copulation-release pheromones (one female- and one male-produced) to induce the copulatory behaviour; and a male-produced anti-aphrodisiac.