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Avaya's alleged anti-competitive tactics came to light recently in an issue of industry watchdog Telecom Manager's Voice Report ("Avaya Practices 'Judo' Against Maintenance Foes," October 12, 2006) that reported Avaya "is taking a hardball approach to its strategy to pushback its uncertified competition.
The statements disseminated by the defendants during the Class Period failed to disclose that: (1) Avery was engaged in an illegal anti-competitive scheme with UPM to drive a more stable price environment within the labelstock industry; (2) the Company's financial results were a product of its anti-competitive behavior; (3) the Company knew that its anti-competitive behavior could possibly subject the Company to regulatory scrutiny if such anti-competitive behavior was discovered; and (4) its financial results would be materially impacted if the Company were forced to stop its anti-competitive behavior.
Richard Prowse, a competition specialist at law firm Eversheds' Birmingham office, said that currently criminal charges could not be brought against a company or its directors for operating in an anti-competitive way.
Business wants anti-competitive practices rooted out as much as anyone, but powers and penalties must be in proportion to the problem,' said John Cridland, CBI deputy director-general.
We are asking the PSC to put an end to Bell Atlantic's anti-competitive practices.
Attorney General Anne Bingaman, who leads antitrust investigation, called the deal ``the most anti-competitive rail merger in our history.
These proposals have been unveiled at a time when the authorities are investigating high prices in cars and supermarket goods, which are not necessarily linked to anti-competitive behaviour.
On January 7, 1999, Global Crossing filed a petition with the FCC claiming that the Japan-US Cable System, a $1 billion fiber-optic link being built by a consortium of 33 companies, including Viatel, is anti-competitive.
The new powers will allow it to demand documents from companies and search premises if it believes anti-competitive trading is taking place.
Local Monopoly's Anti-Competitive Behavior Threatens to Block Customer Choice
We thank the court for its sound decision, and we believe that it sends a clear message worldwide that Intel cannot hope to hide the truth about its anti-competitive business practices any longer; not from the law or from consumers everywhere who deserve to know the facts.
MCI's top official said the RBOCs past anti-competitive behavior included denying competitors equal access to the local exchange, intentionally delaying technical information to slow the development of new long distance services, and ripping out MCI's lines leaving customers stranded.
NYSE: COH), a leading marketer of modern classic American accessories, explained today that the Japanese Fair Trade Commission (JFTC) has ended its investigation regarding LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton's (LVMH) harassing and anti-competitive practices in Japan without taking any action.
3626, The Antitrust and Communications Reform Act, stating, "As we fashion a legislative replacement for the consent decree, we should be ever mindful of the anti-competitive conduct which gave rise to the MFJ in the first place.
Every computer user has a strong interest in ensuring that the full truth about Intel's anti-competitive abuses is revealed and corrected.