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Those varieties that belong to the spring, winter, or organic groups have more common features and are bunching together, with two exceptions: Anthus (item 6) and Bjork (item 7).
We are fast-tracking our way through the sports world and gaining greater footprint across North America,” states Peter Hellwig, President and CEO of Anthus Life Corp.
sialis (Linnaeus) eastern I C bluebird Turdus migratorius Linnaeus, I A American robin Family Mimidae (mimic thrushes) Dumetella carolinensis (Linaeus), I C gray catbird Mimus polyglottos (Linnaeus), I C northern mockingbird Toxostoma rufum (Linnaeus), brown I C thrasher Family Sturnidae (starlings) Sturnus vulgaris Linnaeus, I A European starling Family Motacillidae (wagtails and pipits) Anthus rubescens (Tunstall), I R American pipit Family Bombycillidae (waxwings) Bombycilla cedrorum Vieillot, I O cedar waxwing B.
CHEILANTHES {key-LAN-theez; kay-LAN-theez} Swartz 1806 * Lip Ferns * [Greek cheilos, margin, and anthus, flower, referring to the marginal sporangia; hence the name "Lip" fern.
We carried all three of her patterns: Anthus, Angels Gathering and Snowman.
Among the species absent in the Swedish and British lists, Ciconia ciconia, Crex crex, Tringa totanus, Delichon urbicum, Anthus pratensis, Locustella fluviatilis, Sylvia nisoria, Muscicapa striata, and Carpodacus erythrinus were classified as farmland species; Dryocopus martius, Dendrocopos minor, Phylloscopus sibilatrix, Ficedula parva, Parus montanus, P.
0 palustris Acrocephalus European reed - - - scirpaceus warbler Alauda Eurasian - - - arvensis skylark Anthus Tree pipit 1 1 1.
Two young mothers stood out - Polly Anthus, a Kahyasi mare out of a half-sister to Paddy's Return who scored twice over hurdles for Arthur Moore, and Lady Zephyr, a six-time winner for trainer Nigel Twiston- Davies.
But he's obviously in top form and should go close here, with course winner Miss Toulon and Polly Anthus likely threats.
Stable or increasing populations of Tetrao tetrix, Caprimulgus europaeus, Coracias garrulus, Lullula arborea, Anthus campestris and red-backed shrike (Lanius collurio) breeding and/or foraging in habitat 2320, and of Tetrao tetrix, Grus grus, Tringa glareola and Caprimulgus europaeus in the bog habitat;
ticks infested Ground foraging Erithacus rubecula 3,939 446 185 (5) Luscina luscinia 32 9 4 (13) Luscina svecica 85 8 5 (6) Turdus philomelus 261 141 24 (9) Turdus iliacus 51 22 9 (18) Turdus merula 193 170 44 (23) Turdus pilaris 23 6 3 (13) Sturnus vulgaris 30 18 9 (30) Prunella modularis 64 9 4 (6) Anthus trivialis 61 29 11 (18) Aluada arvensis 1 6 1 (100) Fringilla coelebs 122 9 2 (2) Carduelis flammea 441 1 1 (0.
His purchase is a half-brother to Arthur Moore's useful hurdler Polly Anthus, and they are out of a half-sister to Triumph Hurdle winner Paddy's Return.
Not surprisingly with the sweltering temperatures it's firm again this afternoon, which should suit Polly Anthus, who has a featherweight on her back in this afternoon's feature.
Barry Geraghty takes over from Walsh on Blue Corrig, while the Arthur Mooretrained Polly Anthus, who is in foal to Definite Article, attempts to follow up her recent Tramore win on what may prove to be her final start.