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measurement and study of the human body and its parts and capacities

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Trajectories of hip, knee, and ankle joint centers were estimated based on marker locations and anthropometric parameters according to Vicon's Plug-in Gait model.
Anthropometric measurements of the subject were performed on the subject's hand.
As a re sult, it is logical to conclude that the underlying mechanisms of the relationship between anthropometrics and motor variables in water are not the same as those observed on land.
The use of anthropometric measurements (comparative measurement of the human body) is a well-established practice for many clinical purposes including screening and health risk assessment.
This is because hypotheses for full models included variables with laboratory or anthropometrics.
This survey instrument collected information on both parental-reported health and measured anthropometrics, as well as additional data on household income, diets, and access to health care facilities.
They studied 162 people aged 13-26 years, collecting data on demographics, anthropometrics, blood pressure, fasting lipid and hemoglobin [A.
By sharing the plotting of their child's anthropometrics on the growth grid as a tool to reveal to parents that crossing percentiles on the growth chart in a short period of time can be a cause of concern, parents can become more actively involved in their child's growth interruption if it is too rapid.
The effect of metformin on anthropometrics and insulin resistance in patients receiving atypical antipsychotic agents: a meta-analysis.
Ross, shared MacDonald's interest in anthropometrics.
Various disciplines--biology, chronology, anthropometrics, and so forth--were invoked and called upon to verify these folk-notions of racial inequality, and they purported to do just that.
The students in Ashdown's Anthropometrics and Apparel class conducted the study, which also included collecting data on the study participants' assessments of the apparel for fit, comfort, and appearance.
A simple answer to this question might be that such a designer makes regular use of information coming from fields, including anthropometrics, arts, branding, emotional design, engineering, entrepreneurship, ergonomics, inclusive design, information architecture, perception, philosophy and psychology.
Action: Ensure consistent, careful, and thoughtful attention to human scale, ergonomics, and anthropometrics in order to promote more comfortable and meaningful environments.
Since the results of this study suggest no influence of anthropometrics and socio-economic on the concentration of these elements, we cannot rule out the influence of food, water and cultivated vegetables since the children's lifestyle centers on the culture of food that is commonly eaten by a majority of the population in Ceres.