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American general during the American Revolution (1745-1796)

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En un encuentro con militares de su pais en la Academia de la Guardia Costera de Estados Unidos, en New London, Connecticut, el 29 de agosto pasado, Anthony Wayne aseguro que el personal castrense mexicano comparte el mismo enfoque que el Pentagono para enfrentar directamente a la delincuencia organizada y no solo el flujo de sus mercancias ilegales.
El recinto de Reforma ha permanecido casi un ano sin representante, desde la salida del embajador Anthony Wayne, en junio de 2015.
As soon as they come of age, the Roberts' boys (Fred and Allen) enlist in the Continental Army under the command of their neighbor, General Anthony Wayne, which puts them in the thick of The Philadelphia Campaign battles.
A Phantom Rider, believed to be General Anthony Wayne, has been seen galloping up Route 322 before disappearing into the woods at Brandywine Battlefield.
He recalled his mentor, General Anthony Wayne, and the peace that his treaty had established at Greenville, Ohio in 1795.
It's all thanks to Anthony Wayne, a Broadway actor in his early 30s who only recently discovered the music.
Ambassador to Mexico, Earl Anthony Wayne, said criminal groups in Central America are spreading "misinformation" about U.
II; Mitchell Ngindi, HH; Blaudy Mateo Nunez; Emily Marie Oja; Amayrani Krisel Orozco; Angel Manual Ortiz-Millan; Nicolas Raymond Pariseau; Gaston Pastorino; Janu Rajendrabhai Patel; Alex Nathan Peek; Allison Jean Pelletier, HH; Camila Victoria Perlas, SH; Zachary Joseph Peterson; Anthony Wayne Pettiway Jr.
Forest Service, which must deal with acid mine drainage in nearby Anthony Wayne National Forest.
Fallen Timbers 1794: The US Army's First Victory receives fine illustrations by Peter Dennis and tells of one Major-General "Mad" Anthony Wayne, who organized and trained a new army in 1791, created by the Washington administration to defeat the Ohio Indians.
For his screen name, Walsh suggested Anthony Wayne after Revolutionary War general "Mad Anthony" Wayne.
Just days before US President Barack Obama unveiled a package to reduce gun violence in the US, US Ambassador to Mexico Anthony Wayne received a petition from nearly 54,000 Mexican and US residents urging the US government to take more decisive steps to stem the flow of high-caliber weapons to Mexico.
Ambassador Anthony Wayne and leaders at the nine visa-issuing U.
This will take place in front of the David Adamany Undergraduate Library on 5150 Anthony Wayne.
Anthony Wayne Briggs has been convicted three times for sexual offences involving girls.