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Orchard Year Family Genera "La 2010 Megachilidae Trachusa Concepcion" Megachile Anthidium Halictidae Augochlorella 2011 Megachilidae Trachusa Heriades Megachile Anthidium Osmia Halictidae Augochlorella Halictus Augochlora Crabronidae Crabro Apidae Xylocopa Bombus Vespidae Parancistrocerus Ancistrocerus Vespula Sphecidae Chlorion Sphex Ammophila Bicyrtes Pompilidae Pepsis Dipogon Scoliidae Triscolia "San Martin" 2010 Halictidae Augochlora Lasioglossum Megachilidae Trachusa Anthidium Crabronidae Crabro 2011 Megachilidae Trachusa Heriades Megachile Anthidium Halictidae Augochlora Vespidae Ancistrocerus Vespula Orchard Species Number of Specimens "La sp.
One, a leaf-cutter bee in the genus Osmia, is in the same family (Megachilidae) as the Anthidium bee and has similar traits.