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Therefore it can be argued that when using mebendazole, which is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic drug (Krizovfi-Forstovfi et al.
Data were available for 7 829 subjects, of whom 4 107 received an anthelmintic drug and 3 722 received placebo.
Although it has been 25 years since the introduction of a new anthelmintic drug class for livestock, our discovery gives hope that new and effective anti-worm drugs may be possible.
com adds 2015 Market Research Report on Global Albendazole Industry for the anthelmintic drugs sector under the pharmaceuticals segment of its online business intelligence library.
The project by Aberystwyth University's IBERS unit has been given impetus by the growing levels of resistance to existing anthelmintic drugs and the lack of suitable vaccines.
FARMERS and vets in the North East have the opportunity to find out more about the UK livestock industry's increasing problem of roundworms which show resistance to anthelmintic drugs.