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Prolactin (PRL) Anterior lobe After birth, it promotes the
Maxilla with anterior lobe; 102 or 103 cuspules on each maxilla on inner surface adjacent to labium, serrulae present on anterior lobe.
Macropterous form: Thorax: Pronotum wider than long, with hispid tubercles, subquadrate, flattened, not declivous; frontal angles rounded, not projecting; humeral angles obtuse, not exposed; collar indistinctly depressed, not separated by a distinct incised line; middle third of pronotal disk with a broad longitudinal sulcus; anterolateral margins obliquely straight, roughly granulate; posterior margin concavely arcuate before base of scutellum; prosternum depressed; meso and metasternum sulcate; anterior lobe of metathoracic peritreme weakly reniform, posterior lobe subacute, raised; evaporative area short; posterior margin of metapleura with outer third obtusely rounded, and slightly raised.
27) (in C varvarti, stalk is twisted twice and anterior lobe is bowl- shape; stalk right-angled curve at apical globe in C taiwanensis); it differs from C brimanica by curved spines on tibiae I-II (Figs.
9); pronotum transversal, its main body is formed by the anterior lobe, the posterior lobe is reduced to a narrow transverse rim, posterior margin without submedian lobes (Fig.
The cephalon has a relatively short arching occipital ring (LO) that becomes even shorter laterally; the bulbous subquadratic basal glabellar lobe (L1) is separated from the middle lobe by a shallow furrow; the anterior lobe is slightly rhombic.
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